Exploring Agriculture Classification of Crops

Agricultural Classification of Crops: Exploring Different Systems – Types, Significance, and Crop Diversity

In the diverse world of agriculture, the classification of crops is a fundamental aspect that aids in understanding the diverse plant species cultivated for human use and economic purposes. Various systems of classification exist, each offering unique insights into how crops are categorized based on their utility, economic value, and botanical characteristics. Commercial Classification The … Read more

Sorghum crop production in India

Sorghum: Nutritional Benefits, Processing Steps, and Food Products for a Healthy Lifestyle

Sorghum, scientifically known as Sorghum bicolor, stands out as a versatile cereal grain plant within the Poaceae family, prized for its hardy nature and nutritional value. Originating in Africa, this crop has garnered diverse monikers worldwide; in India, it is referred to as jowar, cholam, or jonna, while in West Africa, it is known as … Read more